This is definitely the boring part so I’ll spare you, dear reader, from a bio ridiculously written in third person. We all know creatives write their own bios, so what’s the point of making them sound as written by someone else?

I’ve been working at Ogilvy Paris since the beginning of 2015. I’m Global Creative Director mainly for Dove Hair but not exclusively.
I work everyday side by side with an outstanding Beauty Creative Director, very solid creative teams from all over the world, and sometimes with Gnocchi Souza da Silva, my 6 y/o pug. For all clients’ relief Gnocchi doesn’t give much feedback about the development of their brands.
Originally from Argentina, I speak and write Spanish, English and Portuguese. And now, being positive, we could say I also speak French.
I’ve worked previously at David São Paulo and Ogilvy Argentina as Creative Director, on global and regional brands. Before that I had worked at Del Campo Nazca Saatchi&Saatchi, which was at that moment one of the most successful agencies in the region. And before that… before that I was too young to remember.
I have won several local and regional awards but my goal is to always find a way of doing work that makes me proud.

After 37 years of trying everything -“everything” meaning absolutely fuck*** everything- I’ve finally decided to embrace my terribly messy hair, which by the way reflects my quite messy personality.
I’m tired of this over dramatised victimisation of women but I do think we need to be able to speak up without judgement and to earn the same money even if we’re not the same. And, thank God, we will never be the same. So I will go on doing my manicure, wearing nice clothes and fixing my make up as many times I need. Wether it distracts you or not. If that's the case, I think you should work on your ability to focus.

In short, I will go on being me. 
I will always aim for work that makes me proud. Because I love what I do. I repeat, here and to myself every time I need to,